Gabby Wen/文怡 (b. 1995) is an improviser, electroacoustic composer, and sound/performance artist. Born in Toisan, raised in Shenzhen and the East Bay, she is currently based in San Francisco. Having a background in computer science and postcolonial studies, she is interested in the subtle intersections of mathematics and art, of tradition and innovation, and the impact of new technology on indigenous music around the globe. Her works explore the stochastic human life experience, the physical state of obsolete and dysfunctional, erotica, and conscience. Works with modular synthesizers, code, homemade electronics, field recordings, guqin (Chinese seven-stringed zither), found objects, voice, body & more.

Gabby holds a BA in Art & Technology from Mills College, where she studied electronic & electroacoustic music composition, improvisation, new media art, coding, and audio circuit design under instructions of James Fei, Chris O. Brown, Maggi Payne, and John Bischoff. Also, Gabby studies guqin with Guangling master Shen Piji.

Works have been presented at SF Tape Music Festival, Re:sound/23Five (SF), Active Music Series (Oakland), Luggage Store Gallery Creative Music Series (SF), SIMM Series (SF), Oakland Freedom Jazz Society, 33SPACE (Shenzhen), MAGMA (Shenzhen), Little Play (Taichung), Jiang Shan Yi Gai Suo (Hsinchu), and other venues in the Bay Area, Southern China and Taiwan. Lecture Translation: Not Your World Music - Noise in Southeast Asia (Cedrik Fermont & Dickson Dee) at OCAT (Shenzhen), English to Mandarin.


一九九五生於廣東台山,成長於深圳,自2010年工作和居住於舊金山。主要用模組合成器、動作、編程、自製電路、環境錄音、古琴、日常物品、人聲、身體等進行多媒體即興表演,也涉及固定媒體和裝置作品。其作品探討混亂無常的人間體驗及情緒狀態,用直覺與意識細察思考自身及週邊社會、自然、人性的碰撞產生不一的節奏與因果。自幼對聲音和語言敏感,也愛動手對科技好奇,大學就讀於加州奧克蘭市的女子文理學院 Mills College,前期主攻資訊科學,輔修法語文學。後接觸到在校自60年代興起的實驗電子音樂界,轉系學習電子作曲、即興演奏、新媒體藝術、編程、音頻電路設計,師從聲音藝術家費正廷、Chris Brown、Maggi Payne、John Bischoff,於2017年獲得藝術與科技學士學位。另外,師從廣陵派十三代傳人、新媒體藝術家沈丕基學習古琴。

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Current Collaborative Projects:

Prizm (duo with Kip Kipperman - double bass)

Made in the Shade (improvisational quartet with Matt Robidoux, Saiyoung Jang, Lee Hodel)

Hard-wired Duo (with Huang Ya-Nung)