photo by: Jennifer Tham, at Taiwan Museum of Prehistoric Culture, Taitung, Taiwan

Gabby Wen (b. 1995) is an improviser, composer, sound/performance artist, who often employs improvisation, electronic synthesis and movement. Born in Taishan, Guangdong, raised in Shenzhen and the East Bay, she is currently based in San Francisco. Her works explore the stochastic and disordered human life experience, the physical state of obsolete and dysfunctional, erotica, and conscience. Works with code, modular synthesizers, homemade electronics, field recordings, guqin (Chinese seven-stringed zither), amplified found objects, voice, body & more.

Gabby holds a BA in Art & Technology from Mills College, where she studied electronic & electroacoustic music composition, improvisation, new media art, coding, and audio circuit design under instructions of James Fei, Chris O. Brown, Maggi Payne, and John Bischoff.

Works have been presented at SF Tape Music Festival, Re:sound, 23Five, Active Music Series, Luggage Store Gallery Creative Music Series, SIMM Series, Oakland Freedom Jazz Society, and MAGMA Shenzhen. Lecture Translation: NOT YOUR WORLD MUSIC - Noise in Southeast Asia at OCAT Shenzhen (Cedrik Fermont & Dickson Dee).



畢業於Mills College,師從費正廷、Chris O. Brown、Maggi Payne、John Bischoff ,學習電子作曲、即興表演、新媒體藝術、編程、音頻電路設計,獲得藝術與科技學士學位。